Envelope Maker

Envelope Maker allows you to quickly compose and print envelopes using the 'AirPrint' wireless printing technology for iOS devices. Now you can walk up to the printer, feed in the envelope and print it right there from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, with just a few flicks of your fingers. No more worries that someone might print to the envelope you just loaded while you are still on your way to your desktop to hit the print button.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund?

If the application does not work for you, feel free to get a refund. The process to get a refund is by going to your iTunes account. Look for "Purchase History", then click "Report a Problem", then "This application does not function as expected". Apple should be able to credit the refund to your account.

The label positions are not quite right, can I move them?

The sender and recipient labels can be moved freely when you are in the adjust mode, which can be turned on by tapping the cross-arrow button on the top right corner.

What envelope sizes are supported?

The Envelope Maker currently only supports #10 envelope size. However, the sender and recipient labels are free to move around so you may be able get them to work for your specific need.

Why is the envelope orientation different from my printer's tray icon?

The orientation mismatch is due to the different conventions being used by different printer vendors. The application can have a 'flipped' orientations so that it would match your printer's icon. The app remembers the setting too so you can follow the printer's convention later on.

Printers that have been tested and guaranteed to be compatible

If you own a printer that works but not on the list, please feel free to email me. I sure would be appreciative.

Printers that have been tested but found incompatible

Email support at envelope.maker.app@gmail.com